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The year is 2040. Mark Chadwick is a brilliant psychiatrist who is on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough. By combining functional imaging of the brain with computer technology, he can not only predict intentions but also decode human thought processes.

It is this discovery which immediately attracts the attention of Robert Dufresne, a senior officer in Home Security who is determined to use this novel technique in the fight against the enemies of the Surveillance State. As Mark is relentlessly pursued by Dufresne, the changing relationships with his family, friends and colleagues come sharply into focus. Tragedies from the past cast shadows over Mark’s
present conundrum.

This is a story of loyalty and betrayal, guilt and forgiveness, blackmail and courage. And the impossibility to reach an unequivocal moral judgement against the shifting values of modern society.

Closed Horizon is available in your local bookshop
and on-line.

To order a copy in hardback at a discounted price of £13 including free P+P (normal price:£15.99) call 01256 302699 quoting offer code 71W

To order a copy in paperback at a discounted price of £10 including free P+P (normal price £11.99) call 01256 302699 quoting offer code 71V

  • “Scientific advances and the politics of fear – a toxic combination for an over mighty state. A brilliant and terrifying novel about the fragility of freedom.” Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC

Closed Horizon, published by Arcadia Books, was launched on 23 May at Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street London, W1.

Peter Lantos by Harry Borden

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