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Reviews for Closed Horizon

Closed Horizon is about the future – a future that is not too far distanced from the here and now – and for that reason elicits a cold frisson of fear…One is reminded again of  Orwell and Big Brother.”  Review, Camden New Journal

“You do not need to be familiar of the breakthroughs of neuroscience to be grasped by Closed Horizon…The book’s cast is vividly constructed, as is the physical setting: the city of London, with its exquisite blend of shiny modernity and misty tradition, is a character itself…The humanity in everything that fascinates Lantos, and that permeates the entire book…Last but not least, the book is fun!” International Journal of Social Psychiatry

“Despite the predictable Orwellian overtones, I really enjoyed this book…It is a hard task to bring a new perspective to the slightly hoary sci-fi trope of a totalitarian near-future, but Lantos’s scientific background gives him an edge here… This novel had a lot to live up to, given the success of his autobiography, Parallel Lines. …Overall, this is an impressive debut novel…”  The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists